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-Brand new 10 HP rotary phase converter
-CNC Balanced +/-3%
-Will convert 1 to 3 Phase power and provide 100% power for 208-250v equipment
-The pictures are of the exact converter you will receive.
-New Marathon/Lesson Premium NEMA motor with all new advanced control panel.
-The pictures are of the exact converter you will receive
-Wall mount panel with 10' of cord to attach to rotary motor.

This complete phase converter consists of the following:

-Starter contactor for L1 and L2 input power

-Start capacitor circuit contactor

-Heavy-duty run capacitors rated at 370vac to balance the generated leg from L1 and L2

-Heavy-duty start capacitor rated at 250vac

-Heavy-duty contact voltage sensing relay that controls the starting circuit of the phase converter ( this design is used by many of the top converter manufactures)

-Extra-large terminal block to connect to your idler motor and three-phase equipment.

-Resistor to discharge the capacitors when the system is turned off

-New rotary motor

-Wiring schematic/ Directions



Phase Converter HP:                                        10

Single Phase Input:

-Breaker Recommendation:                                    50 Amps

-Breaker Minimum (Derate output):                     20 Amps

-Wire Size Recommendation:                                 #6 AWG

Three Phase Output:

-Resistive and Inductive Load (Amps):                15

-Resistive and Inductive Load (VA):                      6

-Resistive and Inductive Load (KW):                    3.7

-Resistive and Inductive Load (Spindle HP):    5

-Wire Size Recommendation:                                 #10 AWG

-Fuse Size Recommendation:                                30 Amps

10HP Rotary Phase Converter CNC Balanced *(Call to Order)*

Excluding Sales Tax
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