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Brand new 3 HP rotary phase converter panel.

To be used in conjunction with a 3 hp three-phase motor.

With this setup, you will have a 3 hp rotary phase converter.

Your 3 hp motor should be rated at 230volt or 230/460volt and an rpm of 17XX or 36XX.

This complete phase converter panel includes the following:

-Starter contactor for L1 and L2 input power

-Start capacitor circuit contactor

-Heavy-duty run capacitors rated at 370vac to balance the generated leg from L1 and L2

-Heavy-duty start capacitor rated at 250vac

-Heavy-duty contact voltage sensing relay that controls the starting circuit of the phase converter ( this design is used by many of the top converter manufactures)

-Extra-large terminal block to connect to your idler motor and three-phase equipment.

-Resistor to discharge the capacitors when the system is turned off

-On/Off switch

-Wiring schematic/ Directions


Items that the customer will need to supply:

-3 hp motor should be rated at 230volt or 230/460volt and a rpm of 17XX or 34XX.



- I also repair and service all types and brands of phase converters.

-See my other listings for basic converter kits, Quick build phase converter kits, and complete phase converter panels.

-I also sell complete converters

-If you need help with sizing or have any other questions feel free to give me a call.

3HP Rotary Phase Converter Panel

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